Mika Vainio interview


I’m proud to introduce you a leading pathfinder in art and music like him on these pages: let’s meet the artist Mika Vainio

An artist always expresses his feelings trough his art work: it’s superfluous to let him explain more: despite of an hard (complex) approach to his music, this artist reveals his soul, answering to questions in a very simple way, because… art is not water.

My first question is for me: why do i want so much to meet the Artist Mika Vainio in person?

I listened to Pan Sonic for many years, let’s say i closely followed them till Aaltopiiri, i went to Turku (in the far Finland) for their live set in 1999 or 2000 and… i couldn’t care less to see his face: what changed, then? What am i going to ask him?

Having a short time available, being just a passionate listener, i’m not going to plum much about technical details; carefully avoiding discussions about genres, canons and definitions, i might try and understand the man and his feelings before the live gig.

I also can’t wait to see the audience and verify if and how the perception of the music changed in all those years: my questions might find answers after the interview or might not.

Following my effort to understand and explain the meeting.

It would be really nice if you could tell me something, anything, about your artistic experience in general…

“How i started? I started in the early 80’s playing in different bands, becoming more active at the end of 80’s: my first release came out in the early 90’s, and after a couple of years, about 1992 i started with Pan Sonic.

Not everything was successfull during all these years, i went trought difficult times, but now it’s quite good”.

Together with Ilpo Väisänen, forming Pan Sonic, you created a new language: at the beginning people were suspicious, thinking about early 90’s not everyone was ready for it, thought your experience has been readly considered. Today the path you opened has been largely followed…

“My music has catched up a larger audience with time, now i’m finding a way to let the people be surprised with my music as they were years ago, because it’s important to create new things, but at the same time it’s not the most important thing to me.  Being new is a main thing to many artists, i just want to create music which feels right for me”

Do you expect anything from people, let’s say a feedback? How do you see them?

“I never expect anything specific from people, neither from those coming to my live-sets, i don’t think it makes sense to expect them to understand and feel the music the same way i do. Anyone has his own perception, i’m not the one to judge if they are right or wrong, trought I’m happy if they have good feelings”.

What’s your goal, your intention in playing and exploring, then?

“Well, my goal is to express what i want to express, my feelings, certain things inside of me, if i feel that music says what i want to say than i made what i wanted to. Music is my way to express myself”.

What kind of set are you going to play tonight? Is it based on the place /venue?

“mmm… I already played in Napoli may be seven years ago, and yes i always choose the set according to the situations and place and have different kind of live sets; tonight i’ll play a rithmycal set, with a lot of beats, quite in Pan Sonic style…”.

Is your live very difficult to set up?

“No, i can do it with quite a simple set: I have my sampler, sequencer, what’s the basic for riythm, analog sintetizer and couple of effects: sometime i take extra things but usually that’s quite enoght for my live set”.

Do u stay a long time in the studio? What part has the studio in your life?

“When i’m home in Berlin i stay a long time in the studio, but as i travel a lot and collaborations happen in different places, i have to work with my sequencer also when i’m around”.

Mika_WP_1_BMI did meet Mika Vainio before his live set in Napoli on april 2013 and he has been very kind. 


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